The Calendar is the most effective way to use time properly, which includes information about the daily horoscope, festivals, and holidays list. So to make your process easy and simple, we have updated the online information of Odia Calendar 2020. No matter where you are working and in the picnic, just type our website and get full information about holidays & others.

On this page, you will get information about the festivals and holidays of Odisha from January to December. You can download all months Odia Calendar & holidays list as image and pdf format.

Let’s explore the Online Odia Calendar 2020

Odia Calendar 2020 (January – December)

Odia Calendar Holiday List (Festivals & Government Holidays)

January Festival & holidays List

DateDayHoliday Name
01.01.2020MondayNew Year Celebration
05.01.2020SundaySamba Dasami
15.01.2020WednesdayMakar Sankranti & Pongal
17.01.2020FridaySwami Bibekanda Jayanti
20.01.2020MondayOlasuni Yatra
23.01.2020ThursdayNetaji Subhas Chandra Boss Jayanti,
Veera Surendra Sai Jayanti
26.01.2020SundayRepublic Day
30.01.2020ThursdaySri Panchami,
Saraswati Puja

February 2020 Festivals & Holidays list

DateDayHoliday Name
01.02.2020SaturdayMagha Saptami
08.02.2020SaturdayAgneutsav Purnima
13.02.2020ThursdayKumbha Sankranti
21.02.2020FridayMaha Shiv Ratri

March 2020 Festival & holidays List

05.03.2020ThursdayDola Yatra
Fagu Dasami
Sudasa Brata
09.03.2020MondayDola Purnima
14.03.2020SaturdayMina Sankranti
25.03.2020WednesdayTelugu New Year

April 2020 Festival & holidays List

01.04.2020WednesdayUtkal Divas,
Lingaraj Rath Yatra
02.04.2020ThursdaySri Ram Nabami
07.04.2020TuesdayHingula Yatra
10.04.2020FridayGood Friday
13.04.2020MondayPana Sankranti,
Hanuman Jayanti
25.04.2020SaturdayRamazan Stated
26.04.2020SundayAkshaya trutia

May 2020 Festival & holidays List

01.05.2020FridaySramika Divas
02.05.2020SaturdaySita Nabami
07.05.2020ThursdayBuddha Jayanti,
Chandan Purnima
14.05.2020ThursdayBrusa Sankaranti
22.05.2020FridaySabitri Amabsya
25.05.2020MondayIdur fitar
27.05.2020WednesdayShiv Bibah

June 2020 Festival & holidays List

05.06.2020FridayDeva Snana Purnima
14.06.2020SundayPahili Rajo
18.06.2020ThursdayPathani Samanta Tirodhan Day
20.06.2020SaturdayNetra Utsav
23.06.2020TuesdaySri Gundicha

July 2020 Festival & holidays List

01.07.2020WednesdayBahuda Yatra
05.07.2020SundayVyasa Purnima

August 2020 Festival & holidays List

Date DayHoliday
01.08.2020SaturdayEid Zuha
03.08.2020MondayRakha Bandhan
12.08.2020WednesdayNanda Utsav
15.08.2020SaturdayIndependence Day,
16.08.2020SundayKhudurukuni Osa
22.08.2020SaturdayGanesh Puja
23.08.2020SundayNuakhai Parba
25.08.2020TuesdayRadha Ashtami

September 2020 Festival & holidays List

01.09.2020TuesdayAnanta Brata
05.09.2020SaturdayGuru Divas
16.09.2020WednesdayBiswakarma Puja,
Kanya Sankaranti

October 2020 Festival & holidays List

02.10.2020FridayMahatma Gandhi Jayanti
17.10.2020SaturdayTula Sankaranti
23.10.2020FridayMaha Astami,
Durga Brata
24.10.2020SaturdayMaha Nabami
30.10.2020FridayMahomad Janma,
Gajalaxmi Puja
31.10.2020SaturdayKumara Purnima

November 2020 Festival & holidays List

14.11.2020SaturdaySisu Divas,
16.11.2020MondayBicha Sankranti
28.11.2020SaturdayBada Osa
30.11.2020MondayBali Yatra

December 2020 Festival & holidays List

05.12.2020SaturdaySita Bibah
15.12.2020TuesdayDhanu Sankranti
24.12.2020ThursdaySudasa Brata
25.12.2020FridayChristmas Day,
Bada Dina
31.12.2020ThursdayEnglish Year-End

Why Odia Calendar is Necessary?

Odisha state belongs to Hindu community, Where people following Hinduism. According to Hinduism all festivals and special occasions celebrates on a specific date & the human brain is not much superior to remember these things. Thats why we use Odia Calendar to get exact data.

Rather than most of the people in Odisha consult Astrologer to know the dates for Marriages, worships, and other things. By this Online Odia Calendar, you can directly find these on our website. No need to worry about its error because Odia Calendar has been generated and tested by many knowledgeable people to get exact information to Human society.

It is necessary because it gives you an Exact Information about any Holidays and Festivals observed by people In Odisha (Hindu Calendar).

Odia Calendar 2020 PDF Download?

To use Odia Calendar is very simple,

  • Just visit Our Website
  • Go to Necessary page
  • open the image
  • Then see the holidays list and other details

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On this page, you can get all the information on Odia Festivals and Holidays. For More and brief Info by clicking on Month Wise Calendar.