Choose to buy a good printer for home is too difficult without knowing the product as well.

Now what to do?

Hey, Don’t be stress, Just take a look at a bunch of the best printers for home use in India, Which will definitely satisfy your condition.

The below-listed printers are very light in weight and made only for home use, as well the hardware parts are excellent with many high-end accessible features.

Home use printers perform many roles for homies like print presentations for office, Print Documents, tickets, school assignments, and lots more. Usually, it is the only product performing multiple roles. so it must be durable, Advanced, and user-friendly.

If you are looking for best printers for home use in markets and online store you may confuse by choosing a good one. As well you can read the customer’s review for purchasing products but not 100% sure these reviews were real maybe some reviews were fake, posted by product owner.

Still no need to confuse, In this page, you can find your desire printer for home use in India.

We listed the top-selling best printers in India according to Printing quality, Speed, Resolution, inbuilt scanner, and refill facility. As well as customer reviews from multiple online websites as well tested products individually.

List of Best Printers for Home Use In India 2020

#1 HP 410 All in One Ink Tank Wireless Color printer

Product Description:-

HP 410 is a modern wireless printer that can be used both for office and home. The wireless connectivity makes the printer easy to use with wire or USB connectivity as well Just connect your wifi, send your data and it will obey your order as well it supports google assistant and Alexa, which two are known for mostly effortless work.

Besides that, it is a King Of all printers because, where other printers can’t capable to print more than 4 color pages there HP 410 prints 5 color pages with high quality resolution. If we talk about the costs then it is very cost effective among other printers, it charges 10 paise (black & white), 18 paise (colour) of paper size a4, b5, a6, dl, envelope.


Type:ink tank
Functionality:print, scan, copy
Connectivity:wi-fi, usb, hp smart app
Printing Speed:7.5 (black & white), 4.5 (colour)
Weight:4 kg 600 g
Paper Size:a4, b5, a6, dl, envelope
Cost Per Page:10 paise (black & white), 18 paise (colour)
Compatibility ink:hp gt52 original ink bottle (cyan, magenta, yellow)

#2 Epson EcoTank L3110 All in One Ink Tank Printer

#1 Epson EcoTank L3110 All in One Ink Tank Printer

Product Description:-

Epson EcoTank L3110 is a very lightweight printer having much functionality like print, Scan, and copy within a very short time. Means You can count this printer as HighSpeed Printers.

Epson EcoTank L3110 printer not limited with only scan and print, The USB connectivity made this Printer advanced where you can directly print your documents from your PC via USB. No Matter how many documents you have, Just give the assignment, load the paper and get relaxed.

It prints 33 black & white pages and 15 color pages per minute, with a cost of 7 paise for Black & white and 18 paise for color pages. That means Epson EcoTank L3110 is not only a faster printer but it is Cost-Effective.

As its feature, it supports A4, A5, A6, B5, C6 paper size with a 5760 x 1440 print resolution. It Compatible with 003 (Black), T003 (Cyan), T003 (Magenta), T003 (Yellow) Ink bottle & comes with 4 original Epson Ink Bottle (one of each colour – Bk, C, M, Y) inside the box.

On your search Best Printers for Home Use in India Epson EcoTank L3110 takes the 1st place in our list by its feature and productivity.


Type:Ink Tank
Functionality:Print, Scan & Copy
Printing Speed:33 B&W Pages and 15 Color pages per Minute
Cost Per Page:
Paper Size:A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, 
Compatible Ink Bottle:T003 (Black), T003 (Cyan), T003 (Magenta), T003 (Yellow) 

#3 HP DeskJet Plus IA 6075 All in One Wireless Ink Advantage Printer with Auto-Duplex

Product Description:-

For quality productivity and faster performance HP DeskJet Plus, IA 6075 is the best printer for home use in India. HP DeskJet Plus IA 6075 has an advanced feature that will never let you down and capable to deliver quality work for your Office, Children’s School project, and many more.

HP DeskJet Plus IA 6075 build with many high-end features where you can print 20 black and white pages and 7 color pages in a minute. With a cost of Rs 1.65 (Black), Rs 5 (Color), as per ISO. It is Compatible with HP 682 Black Original Ink Cartridge, HP 682 Tri-colour Original Ink Cartridge.

Made a hassle-free scan, copy and print with high-speed USB and also with your Wifi Connectivity. If you are looking for a smart work printer then this is it. For Students, offices, and other work, this fulfills your desire to search for the best printers for home use in India.


Type:Ink Advantage
Functionality:Scan, Copy & Print
Connectivity:High-speed USB 2.0 Connectivity, Dual Band Wifi
Printing Speed:20 B&W and 7 Color Pages Per minute
Weight:5kg 200gm
Paper Size:A4; B5; A6; DL envelope , Duplex : Automatic, Paper tray 
Cost Per Page:Rs 1.65 (Black), Rs 5 (Color), as per ISO
Compatible Ink:HP 682 Black Original Ink Cartridge, HP 682 Tri-colour Original Ink Cartridge

#4 Epson M100 Monochrome Inkjet Printer

Product Description:-

Epson M100 monochrome Inkjet is one of the best printer, manufactured by Epson. build with many intelligent features no matter what you want to print, Your office presentation, or your Kids school project, It will pass every assignment of its master.

The fabulous speed of this printer prints minimum of 30+ pages at a single minute. If you compare it to others it is very cost-effective for which you might be charged 12 paise per single page. The process of changing ink very easy and you can buy it in every printer store or Epson official store easily.

The USB connectivity makes the printer next level where it is possible to print documents directly from your PC by pressing the control+p key. nowadays people are using wireless connectivity, but for home use, it is the best one on its budget.


Type:Ink Tank
Functionality:Scan, Print
Printing Speed:32ppm
Weight:3kg 450gm
Paper Size:A4, A5, Letter
Cost Per Page:12 paise
Compatible Ink:

#5 Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Printer

Product Description:-

Canon Pixma G2012 is one of the strong competitor in the war of best printers for home use in India. The features of the printer are awesome and the look is very compact, easy to carry, and can enlarge the beauty of the place where you will place it.

As you know it is made by the most popular printer manufacturer Cannon, the feature includes High Speed printing rate, reliable connectivity, cost effective and lots more. Not matter your mode of use, It can be used in home as well your office.

It charges 9 paise (Black & White), 32 paise (Colour) cost per page and directly can print 8 black 7 white pages 5 color page in a single minute. You might be a thing other printers prints more than 20 pages per minute but it gives the quality where others can’t. Because cannon always focus on quality product no matter as it is a camera or a printer.


Functionality:Print, Scan, Copy
Printing Speed:8 PPM (Black) & 5 PPM (Color)
Weight:5kg 800gm
Paper Size:4.0″x6.0″ till A4 / Letter / Legal / A5 / B5
Cost Per Page:9 paise (Black & White), 32 paise (Colour)
Compatible Ink:GI-790 (BK), GI-790 (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

#6 HP DeskJet 2131 All-in-One Ink Advantage Colour Printer

Product Description:-

HP DeskJet 2131 is an advanced Printer which can be used for study, Office, and other purposes at home. It’s faster print and Fresh Design makes it different from others. It Can print 8 black & white and 5 color pages in a single minute. Which is a very good speed for a printer.

No Need to worry to load papers again and again on such a printer because it has the capacity to load 60 pages at a time on its container. So just reload and get 60 times quality printout at a time.


Functionality:Print, Scan, Copy
Printing Speed:7.5 ppm (black and white), 5.5 ppm (color)
Weight:3 kg 420 g
Paper Size:A4, B5, A6, DL, envelope
Cost Per Page:12 paise
Compatibility ink:Original HP high-yield ink cartridges

#7 Brother HL-L2321D Laser Printer

Product Description:-

We already have listed brother printers above but this one also satisfies all the conditions of the best printers for home use in India. It’s super-fast speed, prints 30 both color and black & white print at a time having 6 Kg 800Gm of weight.

If you are looking for Best printers for your home then this can do all of your job done by it speed and cost effective feature not only prints more prints in minutes but also consume your electricity as well cost per page.


Functionality:ingle Function (Print Only);
Printing Speed:30 B&W and 30 Color
Weight:6kg 800 Gm
Paper Size:A4, Letter, A5, A5(Long Edge), A6, Executive, Legal, Folio, Mexico Legal, India Legal 
Cost Per Page:10 Paise per Paper
Compatibility ink:TN-2365 Standard Toner

#8 Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Product Description:-

Epson EcoTank L3150 is best known for all one multifunction printer having Copy, Print, and Scan capacity. Whereas it comes from a branded company it has a good long-lasting body material and high-end software function.

It prints both color and Black & white pages with a different printing output per minute. Which prints 33 Black & White and 15 color pages per minute with a low cost per page. you can directly print multiple A4, A5, A6, B5, C6 paper sizes on it.

This printer comes on 8 numbers in our Printer list in the search of the best printers for home use in India.


Type:Ink Tank
Functionality:Print, Scan, Copy
Connectivity:Wi-Fi, USB, App
Printing Speed:33 pages (Black & White), 15 pages (Colour)
Weight:4 kg 500 g
Paper Size:A4, A5, A6, B5, C6,
Cost Per Page:7 paise (Black & White), 18 paise (Colour)
Compatibility ink:T003 (Black), T003 (Cyan), T003 (Magenta), T003 (Yellow)

#9 HP 310 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer

Product Description:-

HP 310 is a similar model to HP 410 without wireless connectivity, It only works through USB connectivity. Otherwise, all the functions and capacities are as same as HP 410 which is listed in the 1st position of our best printers for home use in India list.


Type:Ink Tank
Functionality:Print, Scan, Copy
Printing Speed:7.5 (Black & White), 4.5 (Colour) per minute
Weight:4 kg 670 g
Paper Size:A4, B5, A6, DL envelope
Cost Per Page:10 Paise (Black & White), 18 Paise (Colour)
Compatibility ink:HP GT52 Original Ink Bottle (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

#10 Brother MFC-J5945DW Laser Printer

Brother MFC-J5945DW Laser Printer

Product Description:-

Brother MFC-J5945DW is the most popular and selling printer of brother company which has a Scan, Copy, and print functionality. If you compare this to other printers in its range it might seem like a low-end printer and has not support color print. But in actuality, it is not, we all know that brother is a popular and international company as well known for best printers.

Brother MFC-J5945DW capable to print 30 pages per minute with multiple paper sizes of A4, A5, Letter & A5 large. It is compatible with TN-2365 Standard Toner Cartridge. it Supports all Windows and Mac operating systems, Which will help you to extract print from your computer or laptop easily.

Brother MFC-J5945DW is the best choice for your search best printers for home use in India.


Functionality:Print, Scan & Copy
Printing Speed:30 Pages Per minute
Weight:9kg 700gm
Paper Size:A4, Letter, A5, A5(Long Edge), A6, Executive, Legal, Folio, Mexico Legal, India Legal 
Cost Per Page:7paisa
Compatible Ink:TN-2365 Standard Toner

Best Printers for Home Use In India FAQs

Which is the best printer for home Use in India?

HP 410 All in One Ink Tank Wireless Color Printer is the best printer for home use by its high-end features & according to customer’s reviews on Amazon and Flipkart.
The wireless connectivity, Printing speed, and Cost-effectiveness make the printer next level, Which have abilities to challenge all the printer by its price range.

What Features must be in home Use Printers?

Home use printers in 2020 are the most advanced printer than previous use printers. If you want to buy a printer for your home in 2020 then buy a printer that Must have Quality output, good printing speed, cost-effectiveness, general paper size supported, Compact in size & Easy Refill.

Where to buy Best Printer for Home Use?

Hey…It is not a big issue to buy a home Use Printer in India, Almost all cities are full of printer dealers and also you can buy your desire printer on the internet. Printer prices may differ on online stores and local stores but if you are buying from online stores like Flipkart or amazon then always read the customer review.
No need to worry about the warranty of the printer, All the branded printers are opening their service center across India. So just buy your desire Printer for your home from the listed above.



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