10 Best Drones for Kids in 2020

If you check out the past, you can remember your childhood time then most of the kids are interested in flying objects. The race of this flying object is rushing rapidly from paper planes to RC helicopters and now the quadcopters. There is a large range of quadcopter or so-called drones are present in the global market, as many companies are doing R&D on it.

Nowadays, drones are available for the various age group of people from beginners to advanced, but remember the beginner drones are not for kids. Best Drones for Kids comes under some special criteria like color, design, weight, price, and sustainability. As, you know that kids will crash more than flying, so check the age limit before buying. The best point about the Drones for Kids is they are lightweight and comes with guards, so you don’t have to register for it. Furthermore, this flying object will keep your child engaged and active in modern technology and fun. But whom to rely on is the biggest problem, for this, we have reviewed some of the best drones for your kid.

List of Best Drones for Kids in India

These are 10 Best Drones for Teenagers, that are equipped with all necessary things, hope this list will help you to find one for your kids:

HS Holy Stone HS160

Holy Stone HS160 is having a compactable and foldable design with a light durable body. This drone can be used for selfies and streaming live aerial videos, with a 720p HD camera. Moreover, it comes with 2 batteries which increases the flight timing, so that kids will be engaged for a long time.

The altitude hold, gravity sensors, headless mode, and one key takeoff/landing makes it one of the Best Drones for Kids. There are 4-speed modes, so that beginner to pro can use it, and you can customize it for your kids. Amazing Wi-Fi FPV mode is there, to make this drone follow the face of your kid.

Propellers are crashproof so they can bear some minor crashes with ease. It only takes 1 hour to charge each battery so, get prepared with both before flying. The drone is enabled with 3D VR mode, which will help your child feel like flying in the sky.

Holy Stone HS100G

Holy Stone HS100G is designed similar to its old version HS100, but the up-gradation has been done in its camera. The image and video transmission quality have been improvised, with a 1080p resolution FHD camera having a 120degree field view.

It comes with a single battery, although can fly for 15 minutes, and the amazing fact is, this drone will auto return home sensing low battery. Furthermore, HS100G has been integrated with smart flight modes like altitude hold, headless and follow me, making it perfect Drones for Teens.

The camera is fixed with drones’ body, luckily it is moveable adjusted for taking pictures of different angles. As a phone holder is offered with it so, monitoring this drone will be much easier for the Kids. It comes with 3D VR, which can be used to fulfill the dream of flying.

Holy Stone F181W Wi-fi Drone

The most durable and Best Drones for Kids by Holy Stone is F181G because it is having a highly durable body and amazing look. It has been fitted with propeller guards and landing gears to fight against damage on crashing.

F181G has been embedded with a 720p HD camera with a wide-angle view, though it weighs less making it a portable drone. This drone is fitted with LED’s and having several speed controls, for making safer engaging ground for kids. Moreover, this drone can perform amazing 3D flips and stunts.

The controller of this drone is easily accessible as the UI is too simple, and the best thing is one key takeoff and landing. Furthermore, two batteries are packed in the box, so charge both at a time for having longer flight time.

Syma X5SW

If you have done researches on drones, then the design of X5SW will look familiar to you. Syma X5SW is the modified version of its ancestor Syma X5C, making it the Best Drones for Kids. It comes with a 0.3 MP HD camera, which can click decent images and videos for your child.

This drone can perform 360-degree flips and stunts, which will keep the kids amazed resulting in increasing their curiosity. The FPV mode is assembled, so that you can get live video streaming.

The X5SW is a Wi-Fi drone so you don’t even need to carry an RC, thus you can control with your phone easily. The uniqueness of this drone is the long legs and protective body, moreover it comes with headless mode, so it can be easily accessed.

Altair 818 Hornet Drone

If you are seeking for high durability, high quality, and better flight time in a single drone at the cheaper price then Altair 818 Hornet is the best option. The controller of this drone has been designed for the kids and beginners, for better learning skills. User Interface of this drone is too familiar making it one of the best Drones for Teens.

With a lesser investment, this amazing drone can astonish you with its performance of camera and flight. It has been assembled with a 720p HD camera, that also enables live video streaming. If you want to capture images then you can click it with your smartphone, as its Wi-Fi enabled.

There are three-speed controls of the drone, better for any newbie to get a fast hand with this drone. It is having lighter weight and a protective body so can be easily used inside the home as well as outside. Two batteries are offered with it so keep on flying, it comes with altitude hold mode and one key takeoff/landing.

Air Hogs Star War Millennium Falcon

Is your kid, a big fan of Star Wars? If yes, then you can give him 2 surprises on his birthday. The Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon, has been designed as the Star Warship, and fitted with LED’s and sounds for a real-time experience. After offering this unique drone, your kid will be 100% active.

The rotors of this drone are fitted in the middle so lessen the chance of crashing, so it is safer and Best Drones for Kids. Flying this drone during the night will give you the real feeling of the galaxy where your kid can become a hero of Star Wars.

Air Hogs Star Trek USS Enterprise

Air Hogs Star Trek USS Enterprise, the name defines the whole story behind this drone. Yes!!! This drone has been designed according to celebrate the 50 years of Star Trek, for the fans. Without any doubt, this unique drone can be the best gift for the kids and the best thing is that it cost less than 50 USD.

The design of this drone has been made like a space warship and integrated with LED and special sound effects for real feeling. A stand or landing guard is set at the bottom of the drone for safe landing and the rotor is guarded by the external cover.

The remote controller of this drone is too easy, that can easily train any kid to become a drone pilot. It is embedded with altitude hold mode, so it will remain stabilized in the air without the controller, thus the controller is too easy to use.

Force 1 UFO 3000 Mini

Force1 UFO 3000 is one of the cool looking Drones for Teens, as it has been designed and colored like a toy. It has been equipped with a multi-color LED at its arms, and a small body in the middle. When your kid flies this drone at night, the colors will give you the real UFO feeling.

The best thing is, propeller guards are strong enough to defend the drone while crashing. Moreover, this drone is safe to use indoor and outdoor, as well as lightweight to carry easily anywhere. If by chance this drone touches anyone or anything then it will not cause any harm.

This drone is integrated with the latest altitude mode, and multiple flight speed so that it can perform better in air. This drone is square in size of 5.5 inches and comes with 2 batteries with better flight time. Furthermore, it is also having one key start and stops, so kids will love to have it.

Force1 Scoot Hand Operated Drone

The Force1 Scoot is an amazing toy drone, which has been built with the technique to get operated by the hands. So, if your kid is too small and can’t understand a controller then it is the Best Drones for Kids. It has been designed with built-in obstacle sensors, so safe to use indoor and outdoor.

The design of the drone is circular and the propeller is being guarded against all the sides, so causes no harm. Moreover, it is smaller in size and lightweight thus can be carried anywhere easily. This is the Best Drone for Kids because it comes with motion sensors which helps the kids to operate it. Here, a single drone can entertain several kids at a time.

This drone can be charged through any USB charging medium within an hour. The controller comes with it is having only one key to take off and land. Furthermore, the body of the drone is strong enough to bear small crashes, thus worth your money.

Snaptain H823H Mini Drone

The Snaptain H823H Mini Drone is extremely smaller in size and lighter in weight but hasn’t compromised with its features. Moreover, it is safe and simple to fly and comes with three-speed modes that can be customized by you. The headless mode, one key takeoff /land, and return make it Best Drones for Kids.

Although, it is smaller in size but can perform 360-degree flips and can hold itself in the air with altitude hold mode. The body and the props are guarded properly to obtain less damage on crashing. This is a small drone so it can be used indoor and outdoor, and embedded with LED lights so that it will be visible at night.

With a fully charged battery, this drone can entertain your kids for more than 5 minutes. The controller of this drone is too basic and easy to understand thus kids can easily use it.

FAQs For Kids

What types of Drones Can Kids Fly?

As we have discussed above that beginners’ drones are not for the kid, so you have to search for a drone with the most basic controller. If the drone is having some additional features like headless mode, auto return home, and altitude hold then it will be an advantage.

Also, remember that the RC of the drone should have specific keys for takeoff/landing and directions. This will help the kid to become a pilot with ease, without knowing much about knobs.

Moreover, if the drone is embedded with a camera and a smartphone can be fitted with the controller, then kids can also learn aerial photography. 

What things to Observe in Kids Drone?

Few factors that to be observed while purchasing Best Drones for Kids are: 

  • Durability: Please check the body material and design, it should have prop guards and durable material. As kids use to crash too much while learning. 
  • Easy UI: The User Interface should be much friendly and detailed so that it will be easy for you to explain about the controller.
  • Stability: The body of the drone should have enough weight so that mild airflow cannot ruin the fun and happiness of your kids.
  • Flight Time: More will the flight time, better the kids will feel to operate the drones.
  • Flight Modes: Check that the drone is having altitude hold, headless mode, GPS mode. Altitude mode will keep the drone in the air not accessing the controller, whereas the headless mode helps the drone to move in any direction.
  • Fancy Design: The drone should have LED’s fitted on its body so that it will look attractive while flying.

What Are the Best Drones for Teenager?

Best Drones for Kids should be crashproof and highly durable because Kids do more experiments than adults. In this case, you can be thankful to the modern drone companies, for their effort of making kid drones.

These Drones for Teens are a bit different from others, as they have extra protective layers for landing and propellers. Moreover, they are equipped with high-quality sensors like gyroscope, ultrasonic, obstacle, GPS. Some of the more detailed things included are one key land/takeoff and auto return home.

Drone for Kids Uses:

If you want to opt a drone for your kid from the above, the go for the one which is simpler to use and can and highly durable. Also, check the range within which it flies, if it flies within 100 meters, then that will be much better for you. Furthermore, check for the battery performance of this drone for long entertainment time. We haven’t discussed the camera because, as the kids below 8 years need simple piloting.

How to Use Kids Drone:

Before your child starts flying the drone, teach them the manual and controls of the drone, so that they can use it properly. Also, describe each key and knobs of the remote controller. Moreover, in advance drones you can optimize the speed and distance, so do it according to the age of your child. After all the above, show them how to fly, then they can go next.

Drone for Teens Price: While purchasing Drones for Teens, you shouldn’t compromise on the price. Although these drones come from a range of 20 to 300 USD, depends on the brand and features. So, check everything before ordering one for your child.

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